[eng] What is it like to study in Rzeszów?

Rzeszów: the Capital of Innovation - this is probably an apt description - over the past dozen years or so, the city has been growing dynamically, with new buildings, initiatives and projects emerging. One new venture was the creation of a medical faculty at Rzeszów University. A great deal of work and faith in success resulted in the first graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Medicine in the Subcarpathian region on 19 September 2021. It was on this day that the future doctors received their graduation diplomas and took the medical pledge at the Podkarpacie Philharmonic Hall. It is a venue reserved not only for scientific ceremonies, but also for musical, theatrical or ballet concerts, providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy an evening out. 

Despite many changes, the most recognisable landmark on the map remains the Monument to the Revolutionary Deed. The avant-garde shape of the monument still causes controversy almost fifty years after its unveiling, including among local residents. Thanks to this, however, it is often used in local art projects, but also in everyday conversations, where it often evokes various associations unrelated to its official symbolism. The part of the city encompassing the Market Square and the nearest streets is very nicely renovated and full of charming pubs and bars. It should be noted, however, that it is hard to find a neglected neighbourhood in Rzeszów. Not far from the centre, there are also a number of parks and playgrounds stretching along the boulevards along the Wislok River flowing through Rzeszów. 

A stone's throw from the boulevards is the main campus of Rzeszów University. When visiting it, we recommend stopping for a coffee at "Anatomia kawy" or getting a sandwich at "Po drodze". After a passed session or a colossus, the ideal place to celebrate together will be Aloha, Klub pod Palmą, Bajka or Piekiełko.

If you have just become a freshly minted student of medicine, your first-year classes will be held mainly at the Department of Human Sciences (building A5) in Leszka Czarny Street, where you will spend most of your time during the first semester, and at the Rejtana Avenue campus - most second-semester classes are held here (apart from anatomy and histology, which are held in A5). Therefore, it is best to look for a flat in the area of Lwowska/Armii Krajowej/Leszka Czarnego streets - living in this area, it takes about 5 minutes to walk to A5 (and about 10 minutes by bus to the campus). An equally good alternative would be to choose a flat on Rejtana Avenue or Kopisto Avenue intersecting with it, as well as nearby Cegielniana and Podwisłocze streets - from there it is close to the main campus and the city centre.

So the first year you can take the route to A5 -> Main Campus or in the opposite direction you can use a lot of bus lines that run through these points (e.g. 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 34, 48)


TOP 5 PLACES TO MUST-SEE IN RZESZÓW: 1. Monument to the Revolutionary Deeds 2. Underground tourist route 3. Museum of cartoons 4. Lubomirski Castle and Summer Palace and the session villas on Aleja Pod Kasztanami 5. Multimedia Fountain and boulevards on the Wislok River (in summer)


Pros of Rzeszów

Minuses of Rzeszów

Modernity and cleanliness  

Few tourist attractions

Charming Market Square and its surroundings


Variety of local restaurants


You can drop everything and go to the Bieszczady Mountains (short commuting time)




Brak dyżurów w najbliższym czasie.