[eng] IFMSA-Poland Rzeszów Local Committee

The Rzeszów Committee is a part of International Federation of Medical Students’ Association IFMSA-Poland. It is an organization not connected with any party, self – government, stable and non-profit. Team of Officials consisting of the President and Vice-presidents leads and represents the organization. There is also a Supervising Council which is an active resource body responsible for overseeing the actions and decisions made by the Executive Board and Officials. Additionally, every local department has its corresponding management. That provides with an excellent way to climb the career ladder.


Why should you join us?

Taking part in IFMSA-Poland’s events allows to develop different skills in variety of ways. We get to expand our theoretical knowledge and we can actually use it, for instance by taking part in surgical suturing workshops. IFMSA-Poland organizes contests in which you can win very useful (and expensive) academic textbooks. By being a part of the department, we gain friendships in both students as well as doctors. We also stand out from other students.


Active members, that is those you have registered on our webpage, and have their contribution paid, have the chance to apply for a month-long trip abroad to complete student internship or scientific exchange in many countries also those exotic ones. To organize such a trip takes a lot of time, acquaintances and loads of preparation. But as a IFMSA-Poland member, it is enough to have some points collected (you get them by taking part in our events or performing a function), you have B2 level in English, and just after your first years of studies you may go on an exchange!


Other benefits you get from your activity in IFMSA-Poland are taking part in certified curses, getting paid internships and different discounts and fundings for journeys and conferences. Above that, IFMSA-Poland members may get an internship in the Ministry of Health or in health prevention leaders projects.


You may also find it interesting that it is easier for IFMSA-Poland members to transfer to another University, but of course we encourage you to stay with us in Rzeszów. After graduating you will have some extra points during the recrutation for the postgraduate internship.


What is more, while actively taking part in IFMSA-Poland events we broaden our teamwork, time managing and communication skills. At the end of our college adventure, we get an additional inscription in the diploma suplement. We can also join the noble association of Alumni – the journey with IFMSA-Poland doesn’t end at the graduation. As the medical graduates, our CV’s are more interesting, more full, and more professional.


IFMSA-Poland is mostly about students’ activity for other students - together we study, we develop our skills, and we take control of our prospects, capabilities, and our time. 


We would gladly see you joining us!


Wanna know more? Chceck out our Instagram and saved stories.


Point evaluation criteria - if you're interested in points and how you can get them: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ss9Lsx4ff-HHGn8G0iKBck4KXDzcLRAr/view?usp=drivesdk


Projects that can be done within IFMSA - international toolkit: https://issuu.com/ifmsa/docs/programs_toolkit


How to join us?

Register on our webpage https://rzeszow.ifmsa.pl/, fill in membership declaration and pay an annual contribution. From that moment you can start collecting points!


Where to find us?

To check out our previous events an learn what are we doing right now go to our Facebook and Instagram:


Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ifmsarzeszow


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ifmsa_poland_rzeszow/


Have any questions?

Contact our Coordinator for ED – Paulina Pudło – ed@rzeszow.ifmsa.pl, she will be more than happy to help you.


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